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Grantham, UK

With the recent climate change urgency, you may be seeking to reduce your carbon footprint. This means limiting or minimizing wasteful practices in your daily lives and adopting more efficient and eco-friendly practices.


One of the most common ways we often think about reducing our impact is to follow the three R’s; recycle, reduce, and reuse. Yet there are increasingly more companies joining the sustainability movement that you can utilize to reduce their carbon footprint outside of the three R’s.


ZeroSmart is a climate solution that helps people reduce their carbon footprint through the planting of trees. The company plants mangrove trees in Madagascar, a vital piece of the ecosystem that often gets overlooked by environmentalists and conservationists.


The startup is also working on a number of other projects, including funding a hydropower project in Uganda that employs water from the Ishasha river to create a renewable source of electricity for local people, enriching the lives of up to 200 locals by giving them fair-wage work and specialist training.


By partnering with ZeroSmart, you’ll not only become carbon neutral, but you’ll also contribute to better conditions for communities and environments now, and into the future.

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