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Your Healthiest Self

Candle Store Owner

California, USA

The world, as we know it, is changing. With the realization of our environmental impact, humans are evolving. We’re adopting habits that have a positive—or at the very least, minimal negative impact on the planet. But it can all be an overwhelming task. Where to begin?


It’s no secret that living a more eco-conscious lifestyle coincides with a healthier lifestyle. The act of slow, mindful living—a life that is sustainable—also gives you and your family a better quality of life. So for serious health and sustainability-seekers, check out Your Healthiest Self.


Your Healthiest Self is a program designed by passionate moms and dads who wanted to make healthy, sustainable living an easier transition for families through their 30-day programs. It's their goal to educate and inspire everyday people to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle on their own terms. With their simple 30-day programs, changes are made gradually and intentionally, and at your own pace, so transitioning is effortless.


They currently have 30 Masterclasses available that take you through practical and achievable milestones, to help you accomplish your healthier self, and avoid frustration and overwhelm.


At Striver, we’ve partnered with Your Healthiest Self to host a series of challenges including the 5 Day FREE Sustainable Living MADE EASY Challenge where we connect the dots between healthy living and sustainable living.


The challenge is designed to help you to create an action plan so you can achieve the results you want when it comes to leading a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. So please join us in creating a better future for you, your family, and our planet.


The first challenge starts March 7, 2022. Join the waitlist here.

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