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Woodburne Naturals

Candle Store Owner

Pennsylvania, USA

It wasn’t too long ago that handmade soaps and skincare were something that only your grandmother would use. But consumers are becoming more conscious of the ingredients they are exposing themselves to at home with everyday products, so the artisanal handmade beauty industry is blowing up.


We’re seeing it more and more as big brand products that have been on the shelves for years are getting taken off the market for having “questionable” or possibly carcinogenic ingredients (we’re looking at you, talcum powder and sunscreen). In truth, most of us now have trust issues, and are opting out of mass produced, chemically-laden products, for items that have been made slowly, with love and care.


Woodburne Naturals was born out of a place of passion for practicality, beauty, and sustainability. Their range of soaps and skincare are formulated using natural ingredients, like oils, butters, essential oils, natural colorants like paprika, cocoa powder, madder root, chlorophyll, indigo, madder root, and more.


Their best selling product is the Vigor Solid Dish Soap Set. It is unique because the solid dish soap is sold as a disk that is refillable, and the ceramic dish has a loofah in the bottom to provide drainage so that the soap stays dry and lasts longer. Many solid dish soaps are quite messy because of dish soap getting over the sink area, but not this one!


Their founder loves meeting and bringing other sustainable businesses together. Collaboration is a central theme to Woodburne Naturals ambitious spirit. Their goal is to be as low waste as possible. Right now, they use paper and glue made from potato starch, they’ve designed their shipping boxes so they can easily be upcycled into a gift box, and they are always looking for better solutions to their packaging.


Woodburne Naturals are doing the best they can everyday and sharing their passion for sustainability so that more people will want to do the same.

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