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Wild to Balance

Candle Store Owner

Quebec, Canada

Sustainability is a relatively new industry. For sustainability-seekers, there’s so much to learn. So it’s really valuable when you come across others in this space who are inspiring, educating, and sharing their own experiences.


Wild to Balance is an online digital platform for conscious slow travel tips, to advice on how to exist in a more sustainable way, such as removing plastic from your home.


The founder, Béatrice, is a creative graphic designer who loves to travel the world. On her Instagram page, she inspires and influences her followers through compelling and creative content.


Sustainability is inherently connected to living a more healthy lifestyle, which is why Béatrice also sells Ionized Water Systems. Ionized Water is said to be much safer and healthier for us, as it doesn’t require chemicals and removes the need for plastics. Find out more about their Ionized Water Systems here.


On her website, Béatrice highlights her Antarctica expedition to fight climate change. Later this year, she and 39 others from all over the world will explore this continent in order to find solutions for climate change.

In order for this incredible expedition to become a reality, however, Béatrice has started a crowdfunding campaign and has almost reached her goal of $5000USD. To donate, click here.

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