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Uni Design

Candle Store Owner

Sunshine Coast Regional District, BC, Canada

The fashion industry has been one of the most damaging and unethical industries for human rights and the environment for decades. From forced labor, worker exploitation, neglectful and abusive working environments for the workers in developing countries where most fashion houses are located, to the water wastage, chemical pollution, and sourcing of textile fabric causing irreparable damage to ecosystems, something needs to change—and fast.


Uni Design was founded by self-taught fashion designer Maya Bergeron with the idea of sustainable slow fashion. Based in Canada, these one-of-a-kind designs are thoughtfully and mindfully designed and created to minimize the impact on the environment.


Each handcrafted piece is made from upcycled materials and is designed non-gender specific, so anyone can feel comfortable wearing these pieces.


Taken from their website:


“We care a lot about tradition and we love to learn about textiles. We are especially excited when we find fabrics that have clearly been handmade, making us curious about their story. However mass-produced fabrics also tell a story, just as important to share.”


If you’re looking for some truly unique fashion statements that take circular economy into consideration, follow Uni Design on Instagram, and see their website for their latest designs.

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