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Two Scents

Candle Store Owner

Miami, FL, USA

Two Scents produces and sells luxury, handmade, 100% vegan and cruelty-free candles.


Company founder, Shirbrina, a graduate in environmental policy and public health, combined her enthusiasm for sustainability and self-care to create her very own Miami-based sustainable business.

Sourcing high quality, plant based, environmentally friendly materials, Shirbrina handcrafts each product, presenting customers with unique opportunities to shop guilt-free for sustainably-sourced, self-care products.


Brand specialties include body oil candles – once the wax melts, it becomes revitalising skin oil!

Two Scents' mission includes striving to engage consumers in conversations about how they needn’t exhaust their pockets, their health, or the environment in order to purchase and enjoy high quality products.


With eco-friendly tips included in every order, Shirbrina also actively engages in conversations with her customers on social media.


Two Scents is eager to share the value of knowing the composition of products, where and how their materials are sourced, and the longevity of each sustainable product made.


In addition to Shirbrina’s work creating beautifully scented and handcrafted, sustainable candles, 10% of all profits made from the brand’s “Eco Collection” is donated to The Ocean Clean Up, an organisation which uses carbon neutral technology to remove plastic waste from the ocean.


Customers can be assured that all Two Scents products are handmade with love, and with an eco-conscious goal.


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