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If you’re a responsible brand, chances are you’re familiar with the impacts the freight industry has on our environment. Most of the freight companies out there are not always the most eco-friendly option.


Laurent Travostino, an entrepreneur and pilot, wanted to create a platform that connects carriers to eco-friendly delivery services. A platform that gives carriers complete control over who they send their deliveries with, so they can contribute to a more sustainable future. So he created Toplane; the world’s very first marketplace for green transporters.


There are various eco-friendly delivery options within the cities, however it can be difficult to navigate and locate these companies and drivers. Toplane brings the drivers together on one handy app.

The app works as a device to track and monitor deliveries, whether you’re a carrier or a delivery driver. It also offers insurance for deliveries, so you have complete peace of mind.


You simply download the app, and select the delivery driver or shipper you like, pay easily on the app, and stay in contact with the driver, and track your package throughout the entire delivery process.

You can register on the website as either a carrier or a shipper, and it’s free. It’s never been easier to deliver goods in a responsible way.


Show your support by donating to Toplane on the crowdfunding site We Make It; download the app; and follow them on Instagram to stay in the loop.

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