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The Pangolin Green Foundation

Candle Store Owner

Oregon, USA

With the recent climate change urgency, many of us are looking at ways to minimize our carbon footprint. With this new awareness, sustainable homes are growing in popularity.


But to some, there is a misconception that sustainability is for those of privilege, and is not accessible to everyone from all walks of life. But we’re starting to see more companies bust this myth.


The Pangolin Green Foundation is one such organization. They develop communities of sustainable homes for those in need. The communities are built using materials locally found in the natural surroundings and will offer residents a safe place to live in harmony with the earth.


The Pangolin Green Foundation aims to put as many humans into sustainable homes as possible, and is raising funds to achieve this goal. Each sustainable community they build will serve as research facilities and educational platforms,


Their YouTube channel will educate and inspire, and they will also be making their Earthship-type dwellings available on AirBnB to give visitors the full experience. Find out more on their website.

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