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The Leaf Packaging

Candle Store Owner

New Delhi, Delhi, India

The packaging industry has been using predominantly plastic packaging for over a century to house all kinds of products, thanks to its ability to be shaped and hold liquids. But even with our increased awareness of environmental issues and the problem with plastic packaging, it’s continued to increase in production over the decades, with over 300 million tons of it being manufactured each year and 11 million of that ending up in our oceans.


It’s taking brands, like The Leaf Packaging, to curb the use of plastic packaging by creating more sustainable solutions. Launched in 2017 by Raj Mehta, they found natural, handmade cosmetics in India were being packaged in plastic, and decided to create natural, handmade packaging to suit these brands.


Raj wanted a product that emulates a “real” organic handmade feeling from the moment customers hold a natural, handmade product.


The material they use is predominantly sustainably and locally-sourced mango wood, glass, and aluminum. The packaging can be customized to with labels and branding.


The Leaf Packaging is leading the way in an industry that so desperately needs innovation.

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