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The Happy Elephant

Candle Store Owner

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

As a sustainable retailer you may have trouble sourcing sustainable products. There are plenty of brands out there offering products that are sustainable. But wouldn’t it be nice to source sustainable products from one platform?


The Happy Elephant is one such project. Providing a pathway for retailers to contribute to a global circular economy, this platform sells sustainable lifestyle products for everyday items, from furniture to home decor, kitchen essentials, accessories, and more.


Their best-selling Upcycled Tire Ottoman is a great example of a circular economy. It takes used tires and makes them into colorful, handmade ottomans.


It launched in India after the founder, Shirali Shetty, grew tired of always seeing large amounts of waste going into her community's landfills and environment. Waste that could be reduced or eliminated completely if the products were made more sustainably.


The platform aims to bring change by creating a sustainable economy, through stocking earth-friendly materials, supporting disadvantaged artisans, and improving humanity’s quality of life, and creating a positive impact on climate change.


To find out more, visit their website.

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