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The G.A.I.A Co-op

Candle Store Owner

Calgary, AB, Canada

When we think of sustainability, most of us are probably drawn to the environmental meaning of the word. But there are three pillars when it comes to sustainability; environment, economic, and society.


The first one, environment, is the most common, as we all strive for low waste and low impact products and lifestyles. 

Economic is, as the name suggests, focused on giving financial independence, job security, and profitability to communities. 

While sociey is the human right to things such as basic healthcare and equality.


The G.A.I.A Co-op is a not-for-profit organization striving to support economic and societal sustainability in indigenous communities. They do this by offering a free eCommerce platform for local indigenous artists to showcase and sell their artwork.


Think about the stunning, handmade pieces you can only buy when you’re visiting a developing country. With G.A.I.A Co-op, we'll be able to access these artisanal pieces online.


The company's founder, Jason, an artist himself based in Canada, launched his platform for artists when the pandemic hit. The effect it had on communities that rely heavily on tourism was put on indefinite hold, as families were unable to afford even the most basic necessities. 

Having access to an online platform to sell their artwork will give these communities opportunities that they would not otherwise have.


Every sale made through G.A.I.A Co-op’s site goes directly to the artists. To find out more about this initiative, visit their website

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