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Temporary Homeless Shelters

Candle Store Owner

Winnipeg, MB, Canada

The nearest city to where you live would have a homeless population. Just in the United States alone, there are almost 600,000 people who are homeless (1). In Canada, 32,000 people are homeless, while 116,000 in Australia (3), and 280,000 in the UK (4) are estimated to be homeless.


That’s not counting the other 187 countries on Earth. That’s a lot of people who don’t have a warm home, a bed, and the usual creature comforts the rest of us take for granted. And coming into Winter, the situation is even more dire, as homeless people often don’t have enough shelter from the cold and heat.


Something else to think about is the amount of plastic waste that goes into landfill and our oceans every year—over 300 million tonnes (5). This plastic ends up breaking down into microplastics. Our oceans are full of tiny microplastics that have now made their way into our seafood, and even our placentas (6)


The plastic epidemic and the homeless crisis are both what catalyzed the idea behind Temporary Homeless Shelters. Founded by Josh Griffin, the idea came to him when he lived in Bali for two and a half years, and upon his return to Canada he realized just how bad the homeless crisis was.


After learning that many homeless people were dying from the Winter and Summer weather extremes, Josh felt compelled to create a solution. Using recycled plastics, Josh is able to build Temporary Homeless Shelters.


The shelters are portable and cost-effective solutions for a very real and very large problem every city faces. Instead of ignoring the issue, Josh is tackling it head-on by giving homeless humans a safe space to rest at night.


Josh needs continuous funding in order for this amazing project to proceed. He’s set up a Go Fund Me page and is accepting donations of any size. This holiday season, why not do something great for those less fortunate and donate now. Josh, and the tens of thousands of less fortunate will thank you.













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