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Studio Kathryn Larsen

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If you’re into technology, you may have noticed seaweed and seagrass making the news, lately. That’s because both perennials have some incredible uses, and are considered renewable resources. In the current climate crisis we’re facing, renewables are on an upward trend in sustainability.


Something that we’ve lost touch with over the last few centuries is the art of using natural building materials for architecture. In Denmark, they used to use eelgrass to make roofing and other architectural structures. But a global wasting disease saw the tradition almost lost, and the eelgrass is now seen as waste.


This is where Studio Kathryn Larsen comes in. It is a sustainable design consultancy and material researcher, with a hyper-focus on natural seaweed and seagrass as architectural solutions.


The founder, Kathryn Larsen, has been researching seaweed and seagrass for a number of years, and recently established her agency where they assist in renovations, and work with innovation companies. Her goal is to bring local, natural building materials back into architecture, and spread information on the conventional building materials that are currently being used.


Kathryn has manufactured seaweed panels to be used as insulation in architecture, as seaweed is an amazing insulator. This is just one of the innovations Kathryn has been working on. But she believes that the future of architecture should be circular, which means that the materials used should be sustainably made, and able to be disassembled, separated, and repurposed. Check out her video on how she came up with her seaweed panels here.


Kathryn is an incredibly passionate and studious creative. While she’s working on her thesis, she also creates artwork from her own seaweed and algae-pigmented creations.


It’s more important than ever for all of us to find solutions that can be sustained long term. Kathryn’s ambitious innovation is just what this world needs right now.

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