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Status Gaea

Candle Store Owner

United Kingdom

The fashion industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to environmental impact. We only need to do a simple Google search to learn that fashion contributes to 10% of annual carbon emissions; it uses 93 billion cubic meters of water every year; and the industry dumps half a million tons of plastic microfibers into the ocean every year.


It isn’t just the environment that fashion impacts negatively. It’s one of the worst for human exploitation in developing countries. Places like India are known to be subject to mistreatment and poor working conditions in fashion sweatshops.


After collectively working in the fashion industry for two decades, Toni and Mandy decided to launch a platform that empowered consumers to purchase more responsibly.


In 2020, the duo founded Status Gaea, a sustainable e-commerce fashion platform, where they showcase curated products that are responsibly manufactured from brands who are putting the planet first.


“Status Gaea” stems from their belief the only status that matters is protecting “Gaea”, Mother Earth in Greek mythology.


“Having come from a background that promotes consumerism, I think it's now my duty to try and educate and retrain consumers to understand and consider what they are purchasing.” - Toni Lessler Mills.


The products they hand-select are vetted against their core values, which include organic, natural, low-waste, cruelty-free, artisanal, locally-made, women-owned, BIPOC-owned, and fair labor. Brands must meet at least one of their sustainable and ethical values in order to even be considered.


It’s standards like this that put Status Gaea above the rest. You can shop with confidence when you shop with Status Gaea.

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