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Candle Store Owner

Lucerne, Switzerland

Imagine a world where we live off renewable energy, instead of finite energy, like fossil fuels. Up until recently, renewables like solar and wind were inaccessible to most. But it’s becoming more accessible, as fuel prices surge and sustainability interests take hold.


For inventor Louis Palmer, renewables rock his world. He was the first man to travel around the world in a solar-powered vehicle, and he lives to educate the world on sustainability.


On May 23, 2022, Louis and his team will embark on a journey across Europe in his handcrafted SolarButterfly named Larso.


Larso is a 100% solar-powered vehicle and home. They will drive Larso for four years across six continents, and meet with 1000 different projects along its course.


The main focus is to bring awareness and education around climate change. What better way to do it than to show them.


SolarButterfly is a metaphor for humans evolving from a resource-eating, gas-guzzling caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly that only requires renewable sustainable resources.


To find out more about this project, or to show your support, visit their website.

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