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Social Responsibility The Game

Candle Store Owner

Munich, Germany

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Social Responsibility the Game is an exciting, easy to learn card game designed by three friends to provoke positive conversations on social challenges and modern issues facing our planet today.

Hector, Sigi and Dave (pictured) were inspired one sunny afternoon’s bike ride to create a game based on sustainability, current affairs, and the solutions possible to save the world.

A heartfelt conversation on the effects of climate change begot a captivating and inspiring platform for friends and family alike to engage and enjoy.

Still a small business, the three gents sourced a sustainable manufacturer in Europe, and now eagerly spread word of their environmentally friendly and intellectually rewarding, highly unique, original card game.

Based in Southern Germany, Social Responsibility the Game is a one of a kind, sustainable business with a product which captures the imagination and enflames the soul of the climate activist within us all.


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The local food bank is Die Heilsarmee (The Salvation Army) – William-Booth-Zentrum, Männerheim, Steinerstraße 20, 81369 München.

Article by,

Ruth Klempner