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SJS Hartons

Candle Store Owner

Qormi, Malta

We’re starting to see brands take more of a conscious approach to the way they do business. While many companies still work off a profit-first mentality, we’re seeing a shift in the way many businesses operate where they are putting the planet first.


SJS Hartons, a family-run retail business in Malta started out as any business does, by finding a gap in the market. They started out delivering detergents and toilet paper to residents in the area back in 1999.


Although it started out as a simple service that people needed, it has grown and expanded to include an eco-friendly selection of products.


SJS Hartons aim to influence people’s buying decisions to benefit the environment, by offering products that cause as little impact as possible when used and disposed of. 

With their ever-expanding range of eco products, they hope to contribute to a positive change in consumer trends.


To find out more, visit their website.

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