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Simple Switch

Candle Store Owner

Denver, CO, USA

Something many consumers are becoming more aware of is where—or who—benefits from their money when they spend it. After watching Blue Origin take off into space earlier this year, it had many of us questioning everything. Why are the richest people on earth spending millions to take a joyride into space, when we have people literally starving on the streets?


For some of us, this may have been the straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak. Meaning, where can we spend our money where we’re not making the stinking rich, even richer? Where the founders are artisans, and their products are all responsibly and sustainably made?


Simple Switch, that’s where.


It started out as an idea catalyzed by frustration when, to find responsible and ethical brands, consumers needed to spend countless hours researching in order to discover different brands certifications, and their environmental and social impacts. The founder decided to take matters into their own hands and launch a platform where the consumer doesn't have to do any research in order to shop responsibly.


Three years on, Simple Switch has quickly grown into a platform with over 3000 products, and over 50 brand partners. It’s a platform where consumers can buy everything they need, and simultaneously make a positive impact on our planet.


They partner with artisans who put the planet first, and they provide pathways to support charitable causes, like orphan care, planting trees, and combating climate change.


You can purchase anything, from clothing, to jewlery, to homewares, and travel. They have reusable, zero-waste, plastic-free products, like their best selling bamboo toilet paper. They also have a large range of gifts for the sustainable-seeking giftee.


Follow them on Instagram and stay in the loop for when more brands and products join forces.

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