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Fashion and homewares have been two of the worst contenders when it comes to our ethics. From water wastage, to water and air pollution, to human exploitation, both industries need to make some progressive changes to minimize their impact on our planet.


This is where artisanal brands, like SHOOWA, come in. SHOOWA takes 100% plant-based fabric made from raffia (dried palm tree leaves), and makes it into pillows, planters, and handbags. SHOOWA headquarters is located in Germany, but the founder sources the raffia from artisans in the Republic of the Congo.


Their hero products are their planters. The concept of putting a new plant into an old plant has this circularity charm about it. The products are also high quality, and are natural enough to suit any interior.


Another great thing about SHOOWA is that it embodies the three pillars of sustainability.


Economics. Handmade, artisanal raffia products are made by artisans in Congo, giving the communities financial independence.

Environmental. The techniques used in making the products puts minimal impact on the planet, and raffia is a sustainable material.

Societal. Employing people from diverse backgrounds bridges an inclusivity and diversity gap in the industry.


SHOOWA also donate 20% of proceeds to victims of sexual violence in Congo. Taken from their website:


A war over minerals that are needed to produce technology we use to communicate. The Panzi hospital calculated that $25 sends one child of a survivor to school. $50 provides a survivor with life-saving medicine. $100 supports a survivor seeking holistic care for one month. $250 enables a survivor to become an entrepreneur and take hold of their future.


SHOOWA is committed to a strong code of ethics that is evident throughout their entire brand. Support a brand that wupports the planet. See their range of products here.

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