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Shipping Container Homes Guide For Beginners

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San Antonio, TX, USA

Buying a home is a big investment and commitment, whether it be your first of tenth property. But with increasing interest rates, inflation, and competitive housing markets, many of us settle for something that we can afford over something that we really love.


The pandemic motivated droves of people to move interstate and buy homes, which created a ripple effect of housing and building supply shortages. And with our increased climate awareness in recent years, there’s been a uptick in interests for more unconventional housing, such as sustainable tiny homes and shipping container homes.


Dominic Mayers from San Antonio became inspired by the challenges people in his state were facing when they couldn’t afford the sudden inflated home prices and housing shortages. He decided to create a blueprint for budding home owners to learn how to purchase and install a shipping container home within nine weeks.


The book is called Shipping Container Homes Guide For Beginners: Create a Sustainable Homestead, Stop Paying Rent, and Live Comfortably, and is a comprehensive guide on how to plan for the construction and delivery of your container home, understanding container home regulations and zoning codes, as well as tips on how to prolong the lifespan of your container home, mitigate depreciation, and more.


Dominic also has a Facebook Community and free downloadable checklists available on his website to support you on your shipping container journey.


This guidebook empowers potential home buyers by equipping them with all the information they need to own their own sustainable shipping container home. The book is available to buy on Amazon for only $15, so if you’re looking for a solution to the housing and climate crisis, this small investment could be your answer to a very large problem.

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