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Shiki Wrap

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South Burlington, VT, USA

Shiki Wrap is Changing Gift Giving for Good


Eco-conscious gift givers are caught in a frustrating love triangle, torn between their desire to give a beautifully-wrapped gift to their recipient and their love for the planet. Everyone knows that paper wrap is wasteful and much of it is not recyclable, producing tons of waste in landfills every year. But alternatives look horrible, requiring time and skill to source and CREATE.


Say hello to Shiki Wrap, a beautiful, sustainable alternative to paper gift wrap made in the USA with gorgeous designs on soft, stretchy fabric derived from recycled plastic. Shiki Wrap is simply tied around the gift – no crinkles, no wrinkles, no scissors, no tape – inspired by the Japanese tradition of furoshiki.


Shiki Wrap works for gifts of all shapes and sizes, and can be swapped with just close family and friends for reuse or given as a gift within a gift.


In the U.S., creating market demand for recycled plastic is critical for building a circular economy, and as a founder who spent over two decades in senior management roles serving nonprofits, this is not just a business to founder Meagan Downey – it’s a mission. The core values of the company are beauty, sustainability and appreciation. According to Downey, “we show up to those values by curating designs that spark joy, building a thoroughly sustainable business, and showing appreciation not only for our customers and the planet, but also through a deep appreciation for the tradition that inspired it. We’re proud to have had our product formally studied and endorsed by a group of furoshiki experts in Japan.”


Downey says that while there are other cloth wraps on the market, none of them off the combined stretch, reversibility and sustainability of Shiki Wrap. “It took me a full year to figure out how to source fabric derived from recycled plastic and produce a product that is both beautiful and will last a lifetime made domestically and ethically.”


Shiki Wrap is available to order now at

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