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Set to Camp

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Essendon VIC 3040, Australia

Camping is a fun family tradition, but it can be a challenge to plan and execute. For families living in city apartments, townhouses, or smaller dwellings, owning a campervan or RV is just not possible. And sometimes even owning a family-sized tent and all the gear can be too much to store between seasons.


This was part of the catalyst behind Set to Camp, a program that teaches urban families how to easily set up and manage a camping trip, no matter how little space they have. The founder noticed when they would take camping trips with her family, often there weren’t many families from urban areas. She learnt that lack of storage space was a large factor in the reason.


Set to Camp aims to reduce the number of trailers and campervans on the road by offering a viable alternative, making it an eco-friendly option. Through their programs, they also educate budding campers on things like how to plan their camping trip, how to properly and efficiently pack and store a standard-sized car or people-mover, how to buy the best space-effective and sustainable gear, and how to keep their waste and trash to a minimum so that the communities they visit are not left with an aftermath of trash.


If the size of your home is stopping you from taking those fun camping trips, sign up with Set to Camp so you can start exploring in an efficient and sustainable way.


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