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As a sustainability seeker, you’ve probably started swapping out products in your home to more environmentally-friendly ones. But one area in our home that sometimes gets overlooked is our laundry.


Conventional laundry detergent can contain harsh sulfates and chemicals that, when washed down the drain, can enter our environment and cause problems in ecosystems. Not only that, but they also come housed in virgin plastic, which, as we all know, has wreaked havoc on our oceans and landscapes.


SaltyLama, a company based in Luxembourg, solves this problem with their eco-friendly laundry strips.


The vegan, hypoallergenic strips are made from biodegradable materials that dissolve easily in water leaving behind no nasties. They don’t contain any sulfates, phosphates, or 1-4 dioxane, which are commonly found in conventional detergents, and are known to be problematic.


One strip cleans a standard load of washing, so there’s no need to measure. This eliminates the possibility of using too much and wasting detergent, and it is also completely mess-free.


SaltyLama was founded by South African friends, Thomas De Beer and Ben Smith, when they learned more about climate change and the pollution that was occurring in their homeland. They decided to make a difference by starting SaltyLama and have goals to add more products to their website as they grow and scale.


They’re currently running a promotion of up to 40% off, so get in quick and order yours before it ends.

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