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Ruyàg PH

Candle Store Owner

Albay, Philippines

If you're a sustainable retailer, one of the best ways you can contribute to a better world is through choosing sustainable wholesalers. 

Sustainable wholesalers don’t just offer products that are made with the environment in mind, they also take into consideration the social and economic impact they have on their communities.


Ruyàg PH is a manufacturer located in the Philippines. They specialize in handcrafted woven products made from locally-sourced fibers, such as raffia and seagrass.


At the peak of the pandemic, many countries, including the Phillippines suffered an economic downturn as tourism dramatically decreased. To counteract the downturn, people in small villages and towns, like Ruyàg, established businesses in order to create opportunities and solutions for those who had lost their jobs in tourism.


Ruyàg currently hires 100 artisans in ten different barangays—Filipino settlements—and source their fibers directly from local farmers. The products are high-quality woven accessories, from bags and hats, to baskets.


By supporting these small businesses, you can help empower an entire community. Check them out here.

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