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Rubbish Reinvented

Candle Store Owner

Wales, UK

The future is circular. What does this mean? Simply put, it's where we use things already in circulation and repurpose them into a new life.


The most problematic material currently in circulation is plastic. We see our oceans and landfills covered and wildlife choking on plastic every day, with no end in sight, as we continue to discard our plastics instead of recycling them.


Rubbish Reinvented has found a solution. The founder is a talented crocheter based in Wales and was looking for a creative project to keep her occupied. She only had to walk to her local beach to draw inspiration, as she saw dozens of discarded plastics scattered along the sand.


Rubbish Reinvented was born. 

The founder spends her days collecting plastic trash from her local area and transforming it into crocheted art pieces. She handcrafts colorful pieces, like handbags, belts, and other accessories, all made from the discarded plastics she finds.


Through their initiative, Rubbish Reinvented is contributing to a circular economy. Each accessory created is a unique and bespoke accessory that tells a story.


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