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Rose Market

Candle Store Owner

Indiana, USA

Buying sustainably has become more of a priority to many of us. No longer can we sit back and over-consume our way into the future. We need to make more responsible buying decisions that won’t impact our planet negatively in the long run.


But when it comes to gifts, many of us still wish to buy things for our loved ones, to show that we care and appreciate them. So we’re now starting to see brand evolving with the trends, and create products that tick all the boxes when it comes to being more sustainable, and better quality.


Rose Market is a boutique retailer located in Lafayette, Indiana, and operating a brick and mortar, and online. But it isn’t just any retailer; Rose Market is a sustainable marketplace that hand-selects products that have been made with love and care.


A veteran in this space, Rose Market has been around for 40 years, but has only recently become incorporated. And now more than ever before, their mission is being amplified through the current climate crisis, and consumers’ desire to consume more responsibly.


Rose Market has an array of products, from gifts, to household and personal care products, to a dispensary where you can refill your empty containers with cleaning products, instead of purchasing more packaging. They have a focus on plastic-free and reusable products, like the best-selling Unpaper Towels.


It’s not just the products that they consider in their business model. Rose Market also ships their products responsibly, using plastic-free packing tape, packing peanuts, and boxes, and being as waste-less as possible, in an industry that is riddled with overconsumption.


If you’re looking for thoughtful gifts for the upcoming holiday season, check out Rose Market. There’s something sustainable for everyone.

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