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re.a recycled apparel

Candle Store Owner

Western Australia, Australia

The fashion industry is the third biggest polluter on Earth, with fast fashion leading the charge. As consumers, it can often take a lot of work to find fashion pieces that are more sustainable and eco-friendly.


Australian Adele Sinclair worked in fashion for years and had a growing concern for the industry's responsibility—or lack thereof—to the environment. It wasn’t long before she realized she wanted to become part of the solution, not continue contributing to the growing problem.


After 18 months of deep-dive research, she launched re.a recycled apparel and hasn’t looked back.

re.a recycled apparel is a circular fashion-focused brand. They utilize recycled cotton and plastic to manufacture their staple fashion pieces, like their best-selling unisex t-shirts.


Made from a 50/50 blend of cleaned, deconstructed plastic and cotton scraps destined for landfill, their t-shirts are excellent quality and extremely comfortable.


They also sell tank tops and sweats, all designed in Australia and perfect for all your wardrobe staples for every season.


If you’re looking for some new wardrobe additions, check them out.

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