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Arizona, USA

In 1879, the first roll of paper towels were manufactured by the Scott Paper Company. They were thick, so were predominantly used for medical purposes.


By 1931, the company had refined the paper towels so they were thinner and softer, and gradually replaced reusable cloth towels.

The convenient, single-use towels have been a staple in household kitchens for almost a century. But their popularity doesn’t outweigh their environmental impact, from deforestation, to global warming, and their contribution to waste.


Rakōt75 is a reusable solution to paper towels. These cloth towels are made from a more sustainable material to disposable paper towels, and are machine-washable.


Kathy and Gary Weltman from Arizona have been in business for 34 years. They supplied businesses with reclaimed rags and non woven wipers.


Then seven years ago, they launched Rakōt75, specifically focused on paper-towel alternatives for consumers.


The towels come in two sizes, and they also have a lens cloth. The lens cloth material is lint-free and scratch-resistant, and all of their cloths maintain their integrity, even after dozens of washes.


To find out more, visit their website.

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