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Single-use disposable products have always been the norm in just about every industry, and for some, like the medical industry, it’s unavoidable. But most industries can adopt a more sustainable operation by switching their disposable options to reusable ones.


Take women’s menstrual products, for example. In the United States alone, 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons end up in landfills yearly. Most brands use plastic in their menstrual products, too, so they never fully decompose once discarded.


Not only that but many girls and women, especially in developing countries, cannot afford the ongoing costs of disposable menstrual products every month.


Ann Muhoro is one of the innovators in the industry making change. As a mother of three daughters, she wanted to create something that would benefit her girls, other women, and the environment.


She launched Pyrdlove, a brand that manufactures period pants. While several brands offer similar products, Ann had trouble finding them in her town, so she decided to create her own.


Her best-selling pants are made with an absorbent liner for heavy flow. They’re unlike any other brand on the market, as they also have press buttons on each side for easy and mess-free removal of used pants. 

Summer can be a trying time for many during that time of the month, as often times girls and women will skip the pool or beach altogether. To solve this problem, Pyrdlove make Swimming Period Panties.


Pyrdlove addresses period poverty and environmental damage with its innovation, which is something this industry needs. 

To find out more, head over to their website.

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