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Candle Store Owner

Mayo Parks, Mayo Abbey, Ireland

If there’s one thing humans can’t argue with, it’s that living a life that’s more holistic and natural is better for our health and wellbeing.


But with advancements in technology, medicine, and science over the decades, many humans, particularly in Western cultures, have become disconnected from nature.


Novaday is an online platform that sells organic, natural certified foods and personal care products. The concept came to the founder when they experienced the benefits of living a more natural lifestyle. They encountered mental clarity and total balance from within, all from making a switch to an organic lifestyle.


It’s their mission to pass on their experiences to others, and offer products that facilitate this lifestyle, so they, too, can experience a healthier existence.


So far, the store has a range of foods and skincare, with goals to add more products as they grow. Their hero product, the Ojasvita powder drink, is an Ayurvedic supplement containing seven powerful herbs known for their health and wellness boosting properties. Simply add a scoop to smoothies or cereal every day to help with mental clarity, concentration, and general health.


Visit Novaday to find out more.

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