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New Earth Soul

Candle Store Owner

Manchester, UK

If you’re a crafty, creative being, then chances are you’ve thought about attending workshops to feed your creativity. But something many of us are growing more aware of is the amount of waste that goes into creating something new.


If you’re in Manchester, UK, check out New Earth Soul at the Radcliffe Market Hall. It’s a sustainable crafts workshop, where they use upcycled and sustainable jewelry and wooden crafts. They use hessian, paper, and recycled cards for packaging, and vegan leather as inner tubes and electrical copper wire from jewelry-making. They also print pictures on wooden discs from small to wall-hanging sizes.


Another great thing about New Earth Soul is, when you purchase from them, they plant trees through MoreTrees. Just in their first few weeks, they were able to plant more than 120 trees.


The space they have available is quite substantial, so they have plans to expand the business into corporate events, like team-building crafting workshops.

To find out more, visit their Instagram page.

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