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Houston, TX, USA

Naturest supplies 100% organic eucalyptus lyocell bedding sheets to consumers eager for a luxurious and eco-friendly sleeping experience at home.


Founded in Houston, Texas, by Chinese-born sustainable business owner Grace Wang, Naturest provides a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic bedding.


With products sourced from a fair paying, well maintained, foreign manufacturing facility, Naturest bedsheets are produced using 100% eco-friendly eucalyptus wood pulp, and treated without the use of pesticides or harmful chemicals.


In fact, almost 100% of chemicals used in eucalyptus bedding production can be recycled and used again for further products.


Naturest items are shipped to consumers using zero percent plastic packaging, and are a more sustainable option even than cotton and bamboo, using still less water, land and chemicals to be produced.


Grace’s mission is to provide customers with a guiltless and inspiring, healthy new way to sleep.

Her sustainable brand’s products are highly breathable and skin friendly. Pure, organic eucalyptus has natural antibacterial qualities, is moisture wicking to prevent sweating, and is super smooth and silky for a beautifully comfortable night’s sleep.


Naturest provides an innovative, healthy and environmentally friendly sleeping experience which enables  consumers to care for both themselves and the planet with the same purchase.

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Ruth Klempner

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