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My Little Green Wardrobe

Candle Store Owner

United Kingdom

Fast fashion is a growing problem for our planet, as consumers' desire to keep up with trends continues to expand. Children’s clothing is also problematic, as parents are constantly buying new clothes for their kids as they grow out of them. This causes a lot of unnecessary use of resources and waste.


Thankfully, we’re starting to see more sustainable options across the industry.


My Little Green Wardrobe is an online clothing store in the UK selling sustainable children’s clothing. Founded by Lucy Todd, a journalist who reported on topics in the fashion industry for BBC, where she learned just how problematic the fashion industry was.


When she started her family, she realized there wasn’t a platform where she could purchase sustainable and ethical clothing for her kids. So she decided to start her own.


My Little Green Wardrobe has eleven sustainable brands so far, all of them carefully vetted to ensure they meet their sustainability standards.


The fabrics for each item are made using high-quality craftsmanship from organic cotton or recycled materials, like this protective rash guard made from discarded fishing nets. And many of the items are gender-neutral, so they can be passed on to all your kiddos as they grow.


The facility is also powered by renewable energy, and they use only recyclable materials for shipping and packaging.


To find out more, visit their website.

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