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Moose Caboose Diaper Service

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Illinois, USA

If you’re a parent, or parent-to-be, you've almost definitely come across the diaper predicament; to cloth, or not to cloth, that is the question.


Disposable diapers are incredibly wasteful and damaging to our environment. They are usually made with plastic in parts or most of the diaper, so they never decompose, and when they break down, the plastic turns into microplastics.


For anyone who’s not yet aware, microplastics are the microscopic pieces of plastic that were once big pieces of plastic. They’ve splintered into millions of pieces and have found their way into literally everything. We’re talking landfills, oceans, seafood, placenta. Yes, you hear us right. Placenta.


So what’s the alternative? Cloth diapers. But there have been some issues with using cloth diapers, too. Not so much environmental. More so that a new parent doesn’t have time to wash their own hair, let alone a bucket full of poopy diapers. Then as baby grows and starts eating solid food… Houston, we have a serious problem.


This is why Moose Caboose Diaper Service was created. As the name suggests, it's a service that delivers clean diapers, picks up used diapers, and launders them for you. They work on a subscription model, so it takes the inconvenience and guesswork out of one of the crappiest parenting jobs.


Moose Caboose Diaper Service wants to remove the stigma associated with old school diaper services from the mid 1900s where only the rich and privileged could afford the service. Moose Caboose Diaper Service is affordable, with various subscription options available. It isn't all-or-nothing, either, and saving one disposable diaper from landfill for one cloth diaper is better than nothing.


An example of their services is their 'Wash My Stash' service. It includes cloth diaper laundering and doorstep delivery. But there are different services for different needs.


Currently they are only located in Northeastern Illinois, but they sell diapers and products on their online store.

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