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Candle Store Owner

South Sulawesi, Indonesia

If you’ve ever been to Indonesia, you’d know that the people are gentle, hard-working, and friendly. The country itself is surrounded by oceans, and its beaches and coastal areas are populated with an abundance of tropical fauna.


But as much as it can feel like the locals are living on “island time” in an oasis with no cares in the world, many parts of Indonesia struggles with various problems in areas such education, environmental, work, and the economy.


Mirainesia was founded by teachers, Indonesian local Madi, and Japanese native, Yukata. The pair wanted to create opportunities for the locals through education, environmental work, employment, and economy, so they started a product-based business that uses the resources that are in abundance in Indonesia.


Taken from their website:


The name MIRAINESIA is the name given to MIRAI, which represents the future of the Japanese word, multiplied by Indonesia. We want to solve local problems in Indonesia and create the future of Indonesia through the services and activities we provide.


They design Eco Plates, dinnerware made from fallen palm leaf; bamboo cups, handmade using only what they need from the plant; and coconut bowls, salvaged from the coconut oil industry. Mirainesia gives jobs to locals and teaches them a new skill in sustainable business.


As teachers, they also raise funds through crowdfunding and set up a small school where they teach children English and Environmental studies in Belopa, Sulawesi.


This circular social startup aims to enrich and empower the local community to become educated and financially independent citizens.


Follow them on Instagram or visit their website to find out more.

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