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Little Eco Ninja

Candle Store Owner


If you’ve started your sustainability journey, often it can be difficult to find the ongoing inspiration or motivation on the day-to-day. A great way to stay inspired and on track—particularly in a relatively new industry like sustainability—is to connect with those who live and breathe it.


Little Eco Ninja is a not-for-profit online platform and organizer where sustainable-seekers can learn from, stay informed, and connect on all things Sustainability. They live by their motto “Small Steps, Big Impact”, and are focused on spreading awareness.


Little Eco Ninja organizes community events to raise awareness, provides education, and supports fundraisers to accelerate climate solutions. They also sell a range of swimwear from Missea, a slow-fashion swimwear label; and drinking bottles, called Soulbottles.


Sourced from a responsible company in Germany who supports clean water projects in Nepal, Soulbottles are made from glass—60-80% of it recycled. The tops are made from ceramic and stainless steel with a rubber air tight gasket, making them 100% plastic-free. What make this an even better brand is that each Soulbottle is designed by a different designer who gets a percentage of the sales price.


Little Eco Ninja has successfully organized events, such as beach clean-ups, clothes swaps, climate action events, and a private screening of 2040. She has big plans for the future, so make sure you follow her on to stay in the loop.


The more people who make small changes, the bigger the impact.

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