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Sustainable fashion leaves a lot to be desired. The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global emissions, which is a lot considering how many industries exist on the planet.


Thankfully, there are people in this world, like seasoned fashion designer Galina Monaco, seeking a better future in the fashion industry.


Galina launched a fashion label called Intuitus, which uses renewable and sustainable hemp and organic cotton to manufacture its line. Their range currently has two options of t-shirts that have been prewashed to ensure they hold their shape.


According to Galina, hemp is naturally anti-microbial, breathable, absorbent, heat-regulating, and resistant to UV light. It’s a far superior material that more fashion labels should consider using.


Their made-to-order business model eliminates unnecessary and excessive manufacturing of products, embracing slow fashion. They also choose not to use poly bags or hang tags, as these are disposable, single-use items that contribute to our waste problem.


It’s brands like Intuitus that are innovating in an industry that so desperately needs it.

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