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IKON Sweden

Candle Store Owner

Stockholm, Sweden

In recent times, humanity has become more aware—more “woke”. With this awareness, many of us are striving for a life that can be sustained long-term. We’re looking for products that are low or zero-waste, non-toxic, circular or repurposed, and vegan.


This is where IKON Sweden comes in. This sustainable brand specializes in luxury vegan “leather” products. The materials they use, like Coconut, Cactus, PU, and Cork, are all sourced ethically and sustainably to create high-quality, handmade “leather” bags and wallets.


The brand prides itself on selecting materials that are ecological and plant-based that are biodegradable, minimizing polyester, and in some cases replacing it with cotton. The products are all handmade to avoid mass over-production, and they’re packaged in eco-friendly packaging.


IKON Sweden’s designs are modern, stylish, functional, and durable. Currently, their product line consists of cork and coconut leather wallets, cardholders, and crossbody handbags. They make a perfect addition to a sustainability-seekers wardrobe.


To see their range of products, visit their website.

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