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Home Grow'n

Candle Store Owner

Perth WA, Australia

The pandemic caused an unprecedented shift in the way we live and work. Most work that could be performed remotely has remained remote, at least for the most part.


No longer needing to live in expensive cities to retain our well-paying jobs, this remote working trend triggered many of us to relocate to more affordable cities, and it also gave many of us this idea of moving off-grid in order to live a more affordable and sustainable lifestyle.


This was one of the catalysts behind Home Grow’n, an online video series of Craig and Regina’s journey of building their own sustainable home in suburban Australia. With no trade skills, the couple have many challenges, trials, and tribulations along the way, which makes their journey all the more relatable to the everyday sustainability-seeker.


They’ve filmed three episodes documenting their journey so far, and invite you to join them while they transform their way of life right before your very eyes. Their goal is to build a sustainable-as-you-can-get home in the middle of suburbia, and to inspire others to do the same.


Watch their series here.

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