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Guy Goes Green

Candle Store Owner

Dover, UK

If you're a budding conscious consumer, staying inspired and motivated every day to be green and eco-friendly can be one of the biggest challenges. For this reason, social media has become such a valuable tool for anybody looking to maintain their eco-conscious journey.


Guy Goes Green is a YouTube channel by an energetic British native, G3, who educates his audience on ways to go green. His videos cover six categories; EVs (electric vehicles), reviews, top tips, gardening, cleaning, and wellbeing.


As an environmentalist and member of the Green Party in England, G3 aims to help everyday people make less of an impact on the environment through his informative videos. He shares his experience so that his audience can make informed choices for themselves.


G3's high energy and range of bite-sized videos — ranging from three to twelve minutes long — give you your daily dose of green education and information in a snap.


Subscribe to Guy Goes Green here.

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