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Prague, Czechia

For anyone who works in agriculture, you’d understand the struggles that the farming industry faces today. Things like depleting natural resources, such as water; to food wastage, which leads to overconsumption and over-demand; to economic insecurity; and, of course, climate change. These are just a handful of challenges that farmers and agriculture workers are faced with every single day.


With the help from technology, the industry is able to manage some of these challenges more effectively. Take drone technology, like GreenRas.


GreenRas is a new startup in Prague, in the Czech Republic. What they realised was that traditional crop sprayers are bulky, use up a lot of water, and need to drive over the crop in order to spray, leading to a destruction of 3-5% of the crop in the process.


Because GreenRas is a drone, it can simply fly overhead, leaving the crops untouched. The drones also use less water reserves, and can effectively spray water, herbicides, and fertilizers to the crops. By using cameras and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) technology, the drones are able to detect problematic areas. As you can imagine, this saves on money and resources.


With the current farmers on board in Europe, GreenRas has goals to cover 10,000 hectares, with forecasts to increase this number in 2023. It’s their mission to disrupt the agricultural industry, and influence it to adopt more sustainable practices in order to sustain the industry.


GreenRas is on their next round of funding. You can invest in their amazing technology on Indiegogo.

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