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Green Cloud Nine

Candle Store Owner

Tyrol, Austria

We're seeing a major shift in how consumers spend their money. Since the wake of climate change, where we are becoming more conscious of everyone’s environmental impacts—and even the start of the pandemic where many people lost their jobs—consumers are spending more mindfully, and are moving away from mainstream platforms, like Amazon.


Green Cloud Nine is an online sustainable marketplace. It brings together sustainable products and services, giving consumers an ethical alternative to mainstream platforms. Green Cloud Nine aims to become a one-stop-shop for all your life’s needs, so consumers can shop conveniently, and responsibly, in one place.


The idea for the platform came to environmentalist-at-heart Lola Fernandez when she struggled to find solutions and products to satiate her eco-friendly needs. She grew tired of spending hours researching just to find products that ticked all the boxes. So she decided to start her own platform.


The vendors are international, and include small-to-medium sized artisanal brands, all of them with an overarching theme of sustainability in their operation. Green Cloud Nine compensates the impacts of ordering internationally through their carbon emissions offset option at checkout.


It’s Lola’s mission to not only give consumers a platform to shop from, but she wants it to be a community where members can be educated and stay informed on all things environmental. With the inception of a platform like Green Cloud Nine, we can start to do away with unethical alternatives, and start to build a greener future in consumerism.

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