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When it comes to dental hygiene, we’re conditioned to use disposable, plastic, single-use products, and brush our teeth with a creamy toothpaste. But around 1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are disposed of every year, and they can take over 500 years to degrade (2).


Thanks to our sudden awareness of environmental issues, and the zero waste movement, we’re now seeing innovation in many areas; dental hygiene being one of them. You’ve probably seen a number of startups in the past few years come into the dental space with promise to change the industry’s destructive ways. But there’s a new kid on the block who emerged about a year ago. Good Organics is their name, and toothpaste tablets are their game.


Good Organics found that conventional toothpastes contained excessive ingredients—many of which were unnecessary and toxic. There are a number of questionable ingredients found in most conventional toothpastes, like the foaming agent cocamidopropyl betaine. This is a known skin irritant, and is suspected to cause environmental damage when washed down drains (1). And there are a number of other ingredients that are used as fillers and preservatives that are really unnecessary to the efficacy of tooth care.


And let’s not forget about fluoride. While there is conflicting evidence out there whether or not fluoride is toxic, many of us are opting to go fluoride-free in our toothpastes. Fluoride does protect our teeth from cavities, that’s just science. But instead of using an ingredient with ambiguous side effects to keep our teeth strong and healthy, we’re now seeing brands use safer alternatives.

The other issue is the pollution from the tubes themselves. The tubes are usually made from a combination of plastics and aluminum, making them incredibly difficult to recycle, which is why most curbside recycling collections will not accept them.


Good Organics have come up with a solution. They have formulated their toothpaste tablets so they only contain the ingredients that you need to clean and protect your teeth. The toothpaste tablets are also housed in glass jars, with aluminum lids—both materials are easily recycled at curbside, and can be recycled forever without losing their integrity.


Good Organics has also partnered with Bare Refillery and We Fill to offer refills on their toothpaste tablets. So you can keep your jars and reuse them over and over again, contributing to a circular economy.


The ingredients are simple:


Xylitol: Sweetener derived from birch trees. Kills bacteria, balances the pH, reduces gum disease.


Calcium Phosphate: remineralizes teeth, repairs defects, stops cavities from forming.


Calcium Carbonate: removes plaque and acts as a gentle exfoliant.


Natural Peppermint: derived from farmed mint leaves, pleasant and mild peppermint flavor.


Zinc Citrate: an alternative to fluoride. Protects teeth for hours, prevents plaque and tartar.


Sodium cocoyl isethionate: a natural and gentle foaming agent derived from coconuts.


Good Organics are leading the way to a better future with better health, better environment, and better teeth.






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