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Candle Store Owner

California, USA

The event industry is huge, with a forecast for event planning jobs to grow by 11% from now until 2026. Overall job growth across the economy is only set to reach 7%, so this is an indication that event planning is definitely a thriving industry.


The problem with events is that they are often a one-time thing, which means that the resources used to cater the event—like decorations—are often plastic and disposable. This creates an enormous amount of waste, which, as we all know, is a terrible problem our environment is now facing.


Festiveknickknacks was founded by cumbia-loving Dayna, a Mexican-American environmentalist at heart in Orange County, California. She saw a real problem with the waste that was happening every time she attended an event, so decided to start her own business.


Festiveknickknacks aims to reduce the amount of plastic and disposable items people use for their events, by offering reusable items, like bowls and plates. The service includes setting up the event with Mexican or Children’s party-themed decor, and taking down the setting after the party is over.


It was important to Dayna to create something that aligned to her personal values. So far she has achieved memberships to the Party Kits Network UK and Sustainable Living Mentorship program, and loves networking with Eco Small Business Owners.


If you live in Orange County, be sure to check them out on their website.

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