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Warsaw, Poland

In recent years, society has become more aware of humanity’s negative impact on the planet. Many of us are now holding companies accountable for contributing to the climate crisis, and are becoming more responsible consumers.


Industries across the globe are affected by recent government legislation that include sustainability practices. But one industry still seems to be falling through the cracks: the fashion industry.


The issue with fashion is that trends change every season, which means that many, if not most consumers opt to buy from cheaper brands to keep up with the ever-changing styles. This is what's known as fast fashion.

Fast fashion has created an enormous problem for our environment when it comes to pollution and excessive manufacturing waste, and human rights in developing countries where labor is used.


Thankfully, there are many brands making changes in the fashion industry through their innovation.


Estimon is just one of those brands. Estimon means "respect" in Esperanto, which the brand embodies with its vegan products.


It’s a premium bag and accessories brand with an affinity for animals and the planet. Their products are made from vegan leather, namely corn leather, grape leather, Piṉtex® (pineapple leather), and cork.


The brand was founded by Marta, a self-proclaimed cat lady, after years of researching different materials on the market. Marta wanted to find materials that did not harm animals or the environment.


Estimon has a large collection of vegan leather accessories, from wallets, purses, handbags, and totes, that are the perfect staple in your wardrobe. 

Make a sustainable fashion statement with Estimon’s premium vegan leather accessories.

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