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Copenhagen, Denmark

There are a number of certifications a company can apply for when they start their sustainable brand, from Leaping Bunny, to Fair Trade, to B-Corp, and more. Most certifications require the brand to tick certain boxes in order to qualify, but many brands still lack transparency when it comes to the full sustainability of their operation.


Enablesus is a new platform designed for small-to-large enterprises to showcase full transparency to the consumer. What they found is that many companies in sustainability lacked credibility and clarity in their business, which often led to misinformation and misleading consumers. As there wasn’t a solution for this, in 2018 they decided to set up a platform to link the transparency of sustainability between consumers and businesses.


Enablesus’ parent company GH Sustainability has over twenty years of experience in the industry. Their experience gave them valuable insight in the future of sustainability, and they realized that a much-needed change in how corporations operate wasn’t going to happen without a push from consumers. Enablesus does exactly that, it enables us—consumers—to see the full picture of whether or not a company is truly sustainable and ethical.


When a company applies for an Enablesus Transparency in Sustainability Status badge, a customer can determine in less than two minutes whether that brand is truly sustainable. This kind of information will empower consumers to make responsible buying decisions, and how we spend our money will ultimately determine the kind of future we want.

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