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ECOffee Capsules

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New Zealand

If you’re a coffee drinker, chances are you’ve heard of, or even tried Nespresso pods. Nespresso pods were invented back in the 80s to give consumers the ability to pour their own espresso coffee at home without the complicated machines Baristas use.


In the 90s, Keurig was then founded. While the style of coffee itself is not the same—Nespresso coffee is more akin to Italian-style espresso, while Keurig mimics an Americano-style coffee—both companies had the same idea; create a convenient coffee experience at home for their customers.


But, throughout history, whenever companies have ever created products that were for convenience, more often than not, it has caused a negative ripple effect. Disposable diapers; Wet Wipes; makeup wipes; coffee pods… All of these items have now become a real problem for our environment.


Some of the startling facts about the coffee pods are (1):

  • Coffee pods take between 150 and 500 years to break down in landfill.
  • On average only 44% of Nespresso pods get recycled.
  • 56 billion pods ended up in landfill last year alone.
  • Keurig sold around 13.2 billion capsules in 2018.

This was the catalyst behind ECOffee Capsules. Their founder, hailing from New Zealand, is an avid surfer and ocean lover. During the pandemic they realized just how many Nespresso pods they were going through, and wanted to find a solution.


ECOffee Capsules are a reusable capsule that works with Nespresso pod machines. Their capsules are made using high quality stainless steel, and they also come with a tamper, coffee scoop, and brush. They also sell coffee beans, for a one-stop-coffee-shop.


Purchasing products that are not disposable means you will also save money. The cost of Nespresso pods adds up. The average cost is about $1.50 per Nespresso capsule with around 6g of coffee. With ECOffee Capsules, you can purchase a 250g bag of coffee from their website for $16, which equates to around 40 coffees. 40 Nespresso capsules will cost you around $60. So you’re not only saving the planet, you’re also saving a hell of a lot of money.


ECOffee Capsules hopes to spread awareness around the issues of single-use plastics and other materials. Their solution is contributing to a low-waste economy, which is something that we will start to see more of in the near future.


If you’re a Nespresso-lover, do yourself, and the planet a huge favor and make the switch to ECOffee Capsules.



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