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Eco to Zero

Candle Store Owner

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We’re facing a plastic epidemic, in our landscapes, in our oceans, and even in our food. There is plastic literally everywhere. And if you look around your home, chances are it’s everywhere there, too.


This was the catalyst behind Harry’s business idea, Vietnam Eco Products. After reading statistics on the plastic pollution in our oceans, Harry wanted to do something to help ease consumer’s need for plastic.


In order to do that, Harry came up with products that were made from bamboo, one of the planet’s most useful and renewable resources. Bamboo is also lightweight to transport, it grows quickly, and requires much less water and pesticides to thrive, unlike many other plants used in manufacturing.


Harry has curated his products to be of high standards, and are sustainably sourced and manufactured in his warehouse in Vietnam.


The range you’ll find on Vietnam Eco Products are items commonly found in the home, such as bowls, straws, cups, bottles, toothbrushes, and trays. They even have a wholesale section for businesses wishing to partner with them and supply their bamboo products to their customers.


If you’re looking to eliminate your need for plastics, start with Vietnam Eco Products.

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