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eco pen club

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Sydney NSW, Australia

Pens are still a necessity to most of us, even in our digital age. For some of us, the nostalgia and effect of writing with a pen far outweigh using a tablet or digital device.


But did you know in the US alone, 1.6 billion pens get thrown in the trash every year? That’s a lot of plastic waste. It was only a matter of time before someone came up with an alternative to the conventional plastic pen.


eco pen club invented pens that are paper-based alternatives, with 50-85% less plastic than traditional pens. They launched three years ago, serving businesses in Australia, and are still going strong, with highlighters and whiteboard markers on the horizon.


Using Forest Stewardship Council trees; plastic-free, carbon-neutral shipping; and planting a tree for every order placed, eco pen club are leading the way with their paper-based business model.


Their hero product is their flagship product, the earth pen. It's made with rolled recycled FSC approved paper and is 85% less plastic than a traditional pen. At the end of life, you can unravel the pen, compost the paper, and send the plastic parts back to them free for correct disposal.


They’re also looking for people to test out their whiteboard markers that are 60% paper, and refillable. Sign up to test them out here.

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