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Earth Changers

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London, UK

Have you ever thought about the impact the vacations you take have on the world around you? Many of us are looking for ways to live more sustainably, but the industry leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to travel and tourism.

Tourism expert Vicky launched Earth Changers, a positive-impact experience that focuses on sustainability and regenerative tourism. They help people find and book vacations that truly change the world.

After getting her Masters in Responsible Tourism Management and working 20 years in the industry—ten of those being in sustainable tourism—Vicky learned that tourism companies were ultimately more concerned about their bottom line than sustainability. She also understood it was difficult for customers to ascertain sustainable tourism from the consumer side when tourism is such an intangible service. The gap in the industry presented Vicky with the perfect opportunity to innovate and create impactful change.

Earth Changers do the research to distinguish a curated collection of existing sustainable lodges and tour companies worldwide and are not found easily on search engines. Vicky's extensive knowledge in the industry has given her valuable insight to design a service that offers a truly unique and thoughtful experience like no other.

Each trip Earth Changers curates creates positive impacts that align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each trip often tackles multiple SDGs, depending on the vacation booked.

Earth Changer's website destinations have their own special and unique features and opportunities for wanderlust sustainability seekers. Here are a few of the trips you can book:

Earth Changers won Travelmole's UK Best Responsible Travel and Tourism Website in 2019. They are also signatories to the Glasgow Declaration for COP26, Tourism Declares Climate Emergency and the Future of Tourism Coalition, and on a climate council for tourism.

As the borders are opening back up, and we are ramping up to travel globally once again, we need sustainable tourism now, more than ever. Make your next vacation sustainable. Book here.

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